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May 2023

May 31

Encounter Jesus to be revived and changed

By:  Bishop Andrew H. Cozzens I am always amazed that on the road to Emmaus, as the two disciples journeyed from Jerusalem, they did not recognize Jesus when he started to walk with them. I theorize that they didn’t recognize his presence because they believed he was still dead. Strikingly, it is when they invite Jesus into their...
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May 29

What Catholics should know ahead of the Synod of Bishops

By: Msgr. Owen F. Campion Several months will pass before October comes, but in October, many Catholics will be led, whether they like it or not, to think about their religion — some with delight and high hopes, others with disapproval and fear. On Oct. 4, the Synod of Bishops will convene in Rome, remaining in session until...
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May 26

The symbolic meaning of fire and water

By: Catherine Cavadini Fire and water: These are two scriptural symbols of the Holy Spirit. We hear about them in the readings for Pentecost. In Acts, the apostles recall the “tongues of fire” that rested on the heads of Mary and the apostles at Pentecost. And John’s Gospel reveals the “rivers of living water”...
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May 24

The commencement gift I never expected

By: Kathryn Jean Lopez I didn’t go to my college commencement ceremony. I graduated in three years and had my diploma delivered by messenger to the office National Review then had on Capitol Hill. So, imagine my shock when a few days after my birthday this year in late March, I received a note from a staffer at the president’s...
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May 22

Archbishop Coakley’s letter on gender dysphoria is valuable, full of love

By: Msgr. Owen F. Campion Archbishop Paul S. Coakley of Oklahoma City has written an official pastoral letter for the people of his archdiocese about gender dysphoria, to use the scientific term, or changing sexual identity. It is safe to say that his letter, and its analysis of Catholic doctrine in very controversial...
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May 19

The hope of the Ascension

By: Father Joshua J. Whitfield “I yearn for resurrection’s joy and yet / Each surge to heaven seems to sink again.” It’s a line from “The Five Quintets” (Baylor University Press, $39.99), a collection of poems by Michael O’Siadhail. He’s one of my favorite living poets; you should read his...
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May 17

Missouri lawmakers ban gender reassignment surgery, treatments for minors

By: Kate Scanlon (OSV News) — Missouri lawmakers passed a bill May 10 banning certain types of medical or surgical gender reassignment procedures for minors who identify as transgender, as well as a measure blocking transgender student athletes from competing on sports teams opposite their biological sex. The...
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May 15

How to more effectively communicate truth with love

By: Gretchen R. Crowe You are probably aware of the term “emotional intelligence,” which was first coined in 1964 but only really gained in popularity in the last 25 years or so. Emotional intelligence boils down to the ability a person has to be able to manage one’s own emotions, and to be able to recognize and respond to...
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May 12

Love as a treasured possession

By: Catherine Cavadini Jesus said to his disciples: “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” Friends, I invite us to reflect this Sunday on these words of Christ to us, his disciples. I invite us to reflect on these words in particular first because they can be a little irksome at first blush (“If you love me, do...
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May 10

Celibacy and renewed understanding of priesthood at heart of conference, says cardinal

By: Father Patrick Briscoe Canadian Cardinal Marc Ouellet, the recently retired prefect of the Vatican’s Dicastery for Bishops, has launched an international movement to revitalize the collaboration between ministerial priests and the priesthood of the faithful. In his opening remarks to a symposium held in Rome on Feb....
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May 8

It’s critical to pay attention to the abortion pill case

By: Russell Shaw If someone were to judge only by the outrageous coverage and commentary in our pro-choice media, he or she could be pardoned for supposing mifepristone is some kind of wonder drug — a cure for cancer, perhaps, or a tonic that reverses the aging process. As it is, though, mifepristone is an abortion pill. It works by...
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May 5

The Resurrection offers us strength against fear

By: Father Joshua J. Whitfield   The Church takes us back to the night the Lord was betrayed to reread what was said, but now in the light of Easter. What hindsight does Resurrection give? The disciples that night were “troubled.” Knowing Judas would betray him, Jesus was troubled, too (cf. Jn 13:21)....
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May 3

Light shines brighter in the darkness, says evangelization expert Curtis Martin

By: Father Patrick Briscoe Curtis Martin founded the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) 25 years ago, with two missionaries on one campus. Today the movement boasts 850 missionaries serving in 216 locations. More than 4,000 students participate in direct mentorship programs, under the tutelage of those missionaries. More...
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May 1

What do we do when our heroes let us down

By: Greg Erlandson My wife took Christ off our living room wall the other day. It was a postcard image of a mosaic created by Jesuit Father Marko Rupnik. She couldn’t bear to have it up. Rupnik is a remarkably gifted artist. His mosaics adorn chapels and buildings from the St. John Paul II National Shrine in Washington to the...
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