About Our Parish

Humble Beginnings

A wonderful local book that tells the histroy of Ss. Peter and Paul is church on the hill  by Carla Sahr, Mary Rathbun and Betty Lamster

On May 27, 1882, Fr. B. H. Bunning celebrated Mass and began the tradition of a presence of Catholicism in the Pierre Area that has lasted until today.

Over the past 125+ years, our parish has grown and flourished.

In 2008, there was a major addition to the St. Joseph School which included Parish spaces of offices, Adoration Chapel, cenference room, youth room and gym.

Looking to the Future

With all things, change continues to assist us in moving forward in our journey with Christ.  So we will continue to incorporate the changes we need and those we feel will benefit the Parish.


The church property consists of the block encompassed by Euclid Avenue, Wynoka Street, Highland Avenue, and Broadway Avenue. The church is located in the middle of the block along Euclid Avenue. On the corner of Euclid and Wynoka, sits the current rectory and parish offices (office doors face Euclid).  The school sits in the middle of the block with an entrance to the parking lot on Wynoka Street, and the main doors are located towards the end of the parking lot near Broadway. The Family Center holds a gym on the main level, and the lower level, accessed by the door(s) on Broadway, near Highland Ave, has an Adoration Chapel, our Ss. Peter and Paul Pre School and the parish Youth Room.  

The Adoration Chapel is available 24/7 with a FOB that can be purchased from the parish office for $10.00. 


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Online Giving

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